Bernard Actuators The Primary Manufacturers In Electronics Market

The electric actuators are primarily designed to operate dampers and valves. Now, it is used as a control and maintenance tool. The integrated control elements inside the actuators operate various functions of the device perfectly. It allows the users to modify operating parameters of certain devices, easily. They inform the users about the valveā€™s functionality. It also enables inaccessible modification of some parameters. It operates any equipment with quarter turn and part turn. It is basically used to control dampers, vents, ball, plugs, butterfly valves etc.

123 1 large Bernard Actuators The Primary Manufacturers In Electronics Market

Thus, the choice of a reliable electric actuator is quite critical. The L. Bernard products have been manufactured to deliver optimum results with best quality combination. Bernard actuators are designed according to the recognized quality standards. It offers a complete line of actuators to enhance functionality of valves and dampers.

L. Bernard is a privately owned French company, found in 1936. The company has its headquarters outside Paris. Initially, the company was engaged in manufacturing and designing of electric motors. In 1950, they introduced electric actuator devices in the market. Today, Bernard is one of the leading manufacturers of electric actuators. It ranks in the top 5 among actuator manufacturers in the world.

L. Bernard has been leading the control devices market, for 40 years. They are famous for supplying an extensive range of actuators for multi-turn, part-turn and modulating applications.

Product Features:
Due to advanced features and technical developments, this device offers numerous benefits to the users:

It provides excellent price-performance ratio.
It has lightweight construction.
Structural support is minimized due to its solid and compact design.
This small compact device delivers high output.
This torque measurement device, offers sensitive and accurate torque limiting.
It has a global gear system which provides a dynamometric balance.
It allows full power starts with complete safety.
It has easy to set travel limit system.
It allows accurate and continuous settlement of all switches.
Self locking gear helps to maintain valve position, when the actuator is de-energized.
Highly resistant to vibrations.
A mechanical position indicator is provided on all actuators.
It also features emergency hand wheel.
A removable drive socket is also available for easy operation.
A fixing flange is also incorporated according to ISO standard.
They are highly corrosion resistant.
They are completely water proof and explosion proof.

These efficient actuators have been utilized in different fields. It delivers outstanding outputs and works efficiently. It is applicable in the following fields:

Water Treatment
Power plants
Ship building
Building automation

Available Versions:
These explosion proof actuators are available in following designs:

The EEx d design for UX actuators. They are absolutely explosion proof.
The EEx ed design represents another range of explosion proof actuators.

The EEx d design is highly preferred for the actuators which are equipped with electronic control devices, such as a transmitter.

Bernard Actuators have achieved an outstanding reputation in electronic control market. It represents a wide range of actuators, with advanced features. So make your work easy with these efficient and compact actuators.

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